Home & Vehicle Deductible Reimbursement Plans

For less than fifty cents per day, you can be reimbursed for your home and auto deductibles should you need to pay them.

A simple and affordable solution to reduce or eliminate your home and auto insurance deductibles.

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Home Protection Plan $159/Year

- Home Deductible Reimbursement: Up to $2,500, 1 claim per 12 mo.
- Home Glass Breakage: Up to $200 to replace the broken window, 2 claims per 12 mo.
- Home Lockout: Up to $100 per lockout, 2 claims per 12 mo
- Home Appliance / Electronic Repair Reimbursement: Up to $500 per occurrence, max $1,000/ 12 mo. Receive a 50% reimbursement of the payment made to a repair facility to repair an appliance or piece of Electronic Equipment
- Emergency Lodging Reimbursement: Up to $1,000 in the event that the Member’s Primary Residence becomes uninhabitable

All Vehicle Protection Plan $159/Year

- All Vehicle Deductible Reimbursement: Up to $1,000 per loss, unlimited losses per year.
- Vehicle Repair Reimbursement: 20% up to $500 per repair, max $1,000 per year
- Emergency Travel:  Up to $1,000 per year
- ID Theft Restoration
- Warranty Vault

Bundle Plans And Save. Home Protection Plan + All Vehicle Protection Plan $289/Year

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