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Medicare Insurance in Marshfield and Strafford, MO

Keeping Individuals Protected Against Medical Costs

Medicare can be confusing, and it can also be a lot to handle. Most people who turn 65 are inundated with solicitations and offers of information from companies that sell health insurance and/or Medicare supplement insurance when they turn this age. The onslaught of information that people who turn 65 receive sometimes compels people who turn 65 to avoid making Medicare health insurance decisions. It’s important however, for everyone who is 65 years of age or older to make Medicare insurance decisions, which don’t need to be made alone. Medicare insurance specialists can help individuals understand Medicare and Medicare insurance supplement options, and also help individuals make appropriate Medicare insurance selections.

Medicare Health Insurance Options

It may seem as if there are many different Medicare health insurance plans and choices, but there are actually not too many. There are basic plans and there are more robust plans, and each of these plans provides specific types of coverage. No Medicare plan provides 100% coverage however, and for this reason, there are often gaps in individuals’ health coverage. Gaps in coverage expose individuals to financial risk and therefore can be costly. This is why it’s important to close coverage gaps, and also to speak with a Medicare insurance specialist.

Recipients of Medicare have worked hard over time, and also have contributed to Medicare through paychecks. These recipients should therefore be able to take full advantage of Medicare, and this is why at Theobald Insurance Group we help individuals who receive Medicare get the coverage and protection that they need. We give clients information that’s necessary, for no charge, and we help clients select coverages.

Caring, knowledgeable Agents who will assist you

Medicare insurance specialists remove the mystery from Medicare, and also they answer your questions. This way, you can make the best possible decisions about your coverage. The Medicare health insurance that you choose will be based on your lifestyle, your needs, and your budget. Working with an independent specialist doesn’t cost anything, so you won’t pay for services that help you get the right insurance. Medicare specialists are unbiased, and they’ll therefore help you select the most appropriate plan. Medicare specialists will then complete enrollment on your behalf and also they’ll communicate with insurance companies. This will take a lot off of your plate.

In addition to helping Medicare recipients select Medicare insurance and also enroll for Medicare insurance, Medicare specialists explain plans that are available in specific areas; verify eligibility; assist with enrollment; check application statuses; explain plan benefits; field questions; communicate with insurance companies; assist with billing; explain enrollment periods and also enrollment rules; inform recipients of rate increases and also help recipients avoid rate increases.

Medicare insurance specialists are licensed and are also bound by rules of conduct. They earn continuing education credits and also attend seminars for numerous companies that sell Medicare plans in different areas. Medicare insurance specialists educate themselves through detailed Medicare courses, which help them stay current on changes to Medicare insurance. Plus, Medicare insurance specialists are involved in communities in which Medicare insurance is sold, and Medicare specialists therefore learn about different clients’ experiences. Learning about clients’ experiences helps Medicare insurance specialists provide the best possible experiences to the people whom they serve.

If you’re interested in Medicare insurance, contact us or call us today. To start on a policy, request a quote.

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As always, saved me $ is the biggest reason. Secondly, nice to know you will be there for me in case of a claim. Also, you always look for the little extras on a policy that I didn't have before. Thanks Amber!

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